The Merfolk of FoxMoon Productions are a diverse pod of Mer-People of all ages, sizes, genders, races and backgrounds.

It is our goal to bring to life and give due credit to the Legends and Magic that is the Merfolk and Faerie Creatures of olde. To make sure that no child or adult, young or young at heart, forgets that little spark of Magic called the Imagination. To bring to life, if only for a moment in time, that which we are told is not real, that which we are told is only myth and fantasy. To help you to truly believe. To help the world believe once more and Make Mer-Dreams Come True.


FoxMoon Productions is a production company owned and operated by Robert Mullens since 1999.

His wife, Angela Mullens, joined in the operations in the year 2000. She has been a Performer/Model,  Administrative Assistant and costume designer for the company ever since . She is the head seamstress and creator of the tails used for The Merfolk of FoxMoon Productions.

We are here to “Make Your Mermaid Dreams Come True”

A little history on the birth of our pod:

For many years there has been a mermaid at the Norman Medieval Fair at a bridge known as the Beggar’s Bridge. The First mermaid to appear there was Madeleine Lambert, a beautiful Mermaid with a shimmering tail who enchanted the fair crowd for 6 years. After Madeleine retired, the joy of having a mermaid became the responsibility of  various volunteers, each taking turns to wear a beautiful sequined tail made by one Amy Kercher. Amy and a number of other volunteers held this tradition for several years.

At the 2000 fair Angela was allowed to be e of those volunteers. That is where she met Robert Mullens as they were both in the court cast.

In 2001, AAngelangela created her first tail, a gold one.

Doing so allowed there to be two mermaids on the rocks. This would be the first time two adult mermaids had ever been present at the sadebme time.

We attempted a few other designs before we found our current and best designs which are suitable for land and swimming. There were many failed attempts in the learning process and many ideas that worked wonderfully. Over the years, much studying of myths, art, dolls and aquatic life,  we have developed many different styles and designs that are unique to our Merfolk

When all the details were worked out, we approached the director of the fair with our proposal and ideas. Our first appearance as the Merfolk of the Norman, Oklahoma  Medieval Fair was at the 2002 Norman Mardi Gras Parade where we won the trophy for “The King’s Favorite.”

Then we had our fair performance and brought a whole new style and flair to the mermaids as the MERFOLK at the bridge. It was the first year that the bridge was populated on both sides by mermen, mermaids and even merchildren of all ages. Now we are a full troupe of merfolk, including a few guards, photographers and more.

IMG_0012Since then the location of the fair has changed and we now have a sunken ship in a playground we dubbed Merfolk Cove that we get to set up with the Merfolk each year at Reaves Park, in Norman, OK.


IMG_0221We have also built a small ship wreck to take photos on that can travel from event to event with us. This is the Sea Vixen.



Our company is not limited to just the Merfolk, though that is what this site is for. We are known for our work as Historical Characters, Faeries, Jedi/Sith, Cosplay groups, event hosting and so much more.  If you would like further information on our other aspects of the company please visit www.FoxMoonProductions.com


FoxMoon Productions and all their crew

Making Mer-Dreams Come True,



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