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faq Q. Why do your prices keep changing every now and then?

Q. I am the biggest mermaid fan ever, but that is a lot of money for a kid to spend on a tail, can I get one cheaper?

Q. What is the price of your tails and will you go lower?

Q. What color choices do you have in stock?

Q. What materials are your tails made from?

Q. Can you use a mono-fin?

Q. Can you send me the pattern so that I can make my own?

Q. I'm at an age where I'm going to grow a couple of inches, should I add an inch or two to the waist to floor measurement?

Q. If I grow later, can I add material to the top of the tail?

Q. Is it hard to swim in a tail?

Q. What is FoxMoon Productions?

Q. Are your mermaids available for hire?

Q. What sort of events do you do?

Q. How can I become a FoxMoon Mermaid too?

Top & Dress Style Tails

Chest: Measure above the breast area. 

Breasts: Measure around the fullest part of the breasts.

Chests to Waist: Measure from the chest to the waist.

Chest to Floor: For the Walking Tail Dress, please measure from chest to floor.

All Tails

Waist: Measure above the hips all the way around just along the belly button. 

Hip: Measure the fullest part of your hips all the way around.

Waist to floor: Measure from even with your belly button down to the floor.

Knees: Measure around both knees while they are together.

Ankles: Place feet together and measure around both your ankles together.

Shoe size: (For Swimmable Tails) Needed for proper swim fin fit. All sizes must be converted to US Men’s sizes unless otherwise notes in the tail description such as the La Sirene and the La Petite tails.

Other Possible Measurements

For Arm Fins: 

Wrist: Measure around your wrists.

Elbow: Measure around, just below the elbow.

Elbow to Wrist: Measure from elbow to wrist.

For Swimwear Tops, Bottoms and Tights:

Swimwear size: Please give general size. XS, S, M, L, XL in childrens, teens or women’s sizes along with measurements.

How do I find shipping charges? 

Shipping is calculated at checkout. Please enter in necessary information and press Calculate Shipping to see accurate shipping charges.  (((((EDIT?! SOUNDS WEIRD)))))


How are the tails shipped? 

Our tails are shipped USPS Priority Mail with Insurance.

If you would like other means of shipping contact us first.


When will I receive my tail? 

Your Merfolk Tails will be shipped in an estimated 3-4 weeks we receive your completed order, signed(( Sales Contact )) and payment in full. ***EDIT BASED ON HOW WE DO CONTRACT***


What is Rush Production? 

Rush Production is a $40.00 per tail extra charge added to normal shipping. Rush production is only available with a Spandex Tail order.

This option is merely to guarantee that your tail will be shipped within a 2 week time frame instead of the norma 3-4 weeks. However, if you need your order by a certain date, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Regardless, if you need your order rushed, please let us know before you order!


Foreign Customs 

We are not responsible for delays in shipping if it is held by customs when it reaches a country outside of the United States.

Wearing your FoxMoon Productions’ Tail:

When donning your FoxMoon Productions’ tail, it is important to follow these steps to minimize the wear and tear on the tails.

  • First, roll the tube, or waist, of the tail down until you reach the flipper casing and insert the flippers.
  • Second, insert your feet into the flippers and secure the straps.
  • Third, carefully unroll and pull up the waist of the tail until it is in place.  If you are swimming in the tail and you experience and slippage, try wearing swimsuit bottoms underneath and tucking the waist into them.

Cleaning your FoxMoon Productions’ Tail:

After swimming in your Mertail, remove the flippers and hang it to dry.  When cleaning your tail, it is best to hand wash by itself.  Always remove the flippers, use cold water, and hang the tail to dry.  Do not dry in the dryer or use hot water – shrinkage may occur or color may fade, and heat will damage the material.

Remember, heat is a big NO.

Storing your FoxMoon Productions’ Tail:

To store your Mertail, remove the flippers, lay flat and fold in half long ways.  Then, starting at the top of the waist, roll downward to form a neat little bundle at the end, or hang your tail by the waist from a coat hanger.

Note: Tails are made of spandex materials that do contain latex based materials.

Remember:  NEVER swim in or out of the tail without supervision.  FoxMoon Productions is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur.