Our Mermaids


This is the FoxMoon Production’s Merfolk Pod for 2013-2014. Please take time to read about our merfolk and check out their social media pages.



Garnette Perle De La’Mer

Garnette was born off the coast of Saint Malo, France. She is most often spotted in the USA. Her favorite place is inland with her pirate in the lovely state of Oklahoma where she has been found to still reside to this day. She likes Potato Chips, Pirates, Starfish, Shells and anything sparkly.



Mermaid Goldie has been spotted at Norman Medieval Fair and various events throughout Oklahoma since 2002. She enjoys Crashing waves and sun rays.


Ariel Fabiana

Ariel enjoys hummus and fruit. She also enjoys trying to figure out where the inspiration for The Little Mermaid’s name came from.


Nerida Lucine

Nerida was born off the coast of Kerry, Ireland. Nerida enjoys swimming with her whale friends along the Emerald Isle, traveling the world and visiting her best merfriend, Neolani, in Hawaii, and snacking on Mangos of course!


Cessan Murdo

Cessan has been charged with the protection and care of the FoxMoon Merfolk Pod, mandated by the Commander of Triton’s Royal Guard.  He enjoys riding the current, underwater symphony and toasting a stout Seafoam Ale! Oh…and of course exploring the world with pod



Sapphyre likes eating new foods and traveling. She loves to play games and meet new people!


Neolani Aliikai

Neolani is from the deep waters near Hawaii. Her favorite things are swimming with her dolphin and whale friends and looking at herself in any mirrors she can find. The way to her heart is anything pink and shiny.

Merla Silverfin

Merla Silverfin

Merla’s favorite food is anything with shrimp. She loves to try out new recipes and she enjoys laying on the beach to watch the sunrise. Merla has a mer-daughter named Aquaria.

Aquaria Silverfin

 Aquaria Silverfin

Aquaria loves singing Whale songs and racing Dolphins. She’s still in school and her favorite subject is reading.


Melina Reefisle

A mermaid from Golden Bay New Zealand. Melina enjoys watching wildlife on the island; my favorite is the kiwi bird! She also enjoys singing, sunbathing, and swimming.


Calypso Storm

Calypso enjoys the twinkling stars at night, swimming in the rolling waves and traveling the world to meet merfamily and friends! 


Myste Wave



Meimei is just starting to interact with humans.  She is looking forward to meeting Everyone.



The eldest daughter of Merman Cessan



The youngest daughter of merman Cessan. 


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